[1]**************************************0- nostalG2 NAP INDEX TABLE : (08-2007) :[http://retroyou.org/nostalG2/code_table.htm

]0- nostalG2 MAIN : (08-2007)[http://retroyou.org/nostalG2/directory.htm _ : ][http://retroyou.org/nostalG2/license.html 0- LICENSE_: ]************************************** nostalG2 \\ TIME MACHINE: (12-2002) :

" Forget talk of global warming and speculation of what it might do in 300 years, Here and across the West, climate change already is"

nostalg2 starts a 300 years countdown when executed for the first time...an extremely unfriendly module hibernated for such a long time that no machine or human being could survive it. It's purpose is a secret, it's meaning is the time itself frozen...escaping from the permanent update of the digital euphoria. TM is an archaeological spicies crossing the time. In the utopic case it could awake from such a dream, results would be colorful.

nostalG2 \\ 1911 :_(05-2003) :

" nostalG2 is set after the <Final> holocaust has occured and you are one of the few survivors"

1911 starts telling the story of black helicoptes and its complicity with the final holocaust. After a brief introduction which in fact is a short tutorial, you should have access to a terminal emulation. Trigger unknown processes in your system and beyond...

nostalG2 \\ Day of the Tentacle : (08-2003) :

This is our Peace Code to all rotting from violence and fear to the world. By all assholes, making money on trust"

Lost software for CODEdoc 2 in the context of Ars Electronica 2003. It actually is a writter and a downloader. What you see is not what you get. What you get is a bunch of encrypted data, what you see is a collection of .nfo files from the cool old days. A software archaelogical experience...old and dusty, the ages.

nostalG2 \\ (Cicle of the) 1001 FILES : (04-2003--->in progress)_:

Dear Friend, My name is Cain Rijndael. In September 1998 my car was reposessed and the bill collectors were hounting me like you"

The mother of all battles hidding between the files. Sometimesomewhere, once upon a time the 1001 files were conected to the main carrier. What you choose may destroy your system in a happy end. Your motherboard is 100ºC and starts slowing down while your hard drive spins at the light speed. You Blame the hour you executed the choosen file, while you see the files are not conecting in a happy chain reaction. The Blue Screen welcomes you to the other side.

nostalG2 \\ Day of the Tentacle PRO :_(08-2003) :

" your angle on the virgin concept to explain <nostalg> is like text book...they reduce the larger fingerprint to a smaller family"

This module was also known in the series as "The Killer". A good balance for you and me. - In one first stage Tentacle PRO was the carier of my credit card details, spending money here and there on the net, sending mails, subscribing to all those weird mailing lists and newsgroups. Searching for trash in a world without hope. - In a second stage it started to become extremely unfriendly...in one week it would try to interrupt the outgoing mailing and filtering your income mail, in a perfect silence...in one week and a half it would erase minor files in your system...in the 13th day system files would be modyfied or erased depending on the weather somewhere in the wold. nostalg2 is not available anymore, as you may gess after being insulted by a few people that tryed it. You may look at the archives, the remains of that crazy time.

nostalG2 \\ ef3k fAR sPAMMERS of the 3rd kIND :_(01-2006) :

" your angle on the virgin concept to explain <nostalg> is like text broken...they reduce the larger fingerprint to a giant carrier"

fAR aPAMMERS is hosted by your system...it has a unknown purpose, protocol and use procedure...there are a few tutorials explaining how to use it...it generates windows valid serial numbers but that might by just a coincidence or a secret between you and me...it reports thousands of vintage error messages...it conects beyond eth0 with the spirit of the lost machine, in the dessert you know what I mean.

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